-Plastics: containers with codes 1 through 7
-Grocery Bags
-Clear & colored glass
-Paper, phone books, magazines and brown paper bags
-Cardboard: cut into 2'X2' pieces and tied in bundles
-Paper board and box board (i.e. cereal, tissue, shoe box) flattened and stuffed in biggest box or bundled
-Household batteries: In small clear plastic bag placed on top of bin

-Paper milk or juice cartons
-Packing materials
-Propane Tanks
-Paint cans
-Medical Waste
-Flammable liquids
-Household cleaners
-Dry or liquid chemicals
-Wood items
Voluntary Enhanced Recycling Programs:
In an effort to enhances the existing recycling program, GFL has partnered with Harrison Township to make 65 gallon wheeled recycling carts available to interested residents this is a voluntary program and will not increase the current pricing.

Residents that want to participate in the Enhanced Recycling Program can contact GFL Services directly at (866) 772-8900.  Upon request by a resident that they would like a large wheeled recycling cart, the cart will be assembled and delivered within two weeks. Residents that choose not to receive a large wheeled recycling cart can continue to use their 18 gallon recycling bin. 

Note: Once a resident takes possession of a free 65 gallon recycling cart it is their responsibility to keep it in a clean, safe and serviceable condition. Residents that misplace or remove carts from their property or damage carts, other than through the negligence of GFL Services, will be required to pay to have a second recycling cart delivered. Should a resident have their recycling cart stolen, a replacement cart will be delivered at no charge to the resident provided a copy of a police report is presented upon requesting a replacement.