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An Important Message from the Water and Sewer Superintendent

Please look at your water bill carefully!
If there is an “e” after the reading, this means that you are receiving estimated water bills. Please call the Water Department as soon as possible to set up an appointment to replace your water meter reading device. The Water Department personnel does their very best to estimate your water bill as accurately as possible, however, our only means of estimation is by basing your water usage from the last year’s consumption. If your lifestyle and water usage changes, the estimated bills may be inaccurate, resulting in a large water bill owing when an actual reading is finally received. Please, to avoid an excessively high water bill, contact the water department today to update your water meter reading device at no cost to you.


Reminder When Paying On-Line Through Your Bank
The back of the water bill clearly states that if you are paying on-line through your bank, you should use the Harrison Township address.  Harrison Township does not accept electronic payments, so the bank must send us a check.  Please have the bank send checks to:  38151 L’Anse Creuse, Harrison Township, MI  48045.

We are not responsible for payments that are not received on time or if the check does not reach us.  Penalties will not be waived due to a delay in receiving a payment or if the payment does not reach us.  The residence or business will have to contact their bank to prove to us, through a cancelled check, that the check was deposited and stamped by Harrison Township.

Water Bill Assistance by an Organization
When a customer requires assistance from an organization, the customer or organization must contact the Water Department and inform them the account is being reviewed for assistance.
When the review is completed and approved, it is the responsibility of the customer to provide the Water Department with paperwork outlining the responsibility of what each party is to pay. Once the customer pays their portion, they must provide the organization with a receipt showing their payment. The organization will then, and only then, process their payment. If the proper procedure is followed, this will eliminate the chance of your water service being discontinued for non-payment. If the procedure is not followed, and the water service is turned off, the water bill plus a $100.00 turn-on fee will be due in full before the service can be reinstated.

Seasonal Meters
Notice to all residents and business owners that have seasonal sprinkling meters that are exposed to the elements, it is your responsibility to ensure that the water meter does not freeze. Please call the Harrison Township Water and Sewer Department forty-eight (48) hours in advance and for $25.00 we will turn the water off at the street, pull your water meter and store it our safe, warm facility. Please call (586) 466-1426 or (586) 466-1425 to schedule an appointment.

 Valuable Sanitary Sewer Information
Harrison Township Water and Sewer Department is responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of the sanitary sewer main line located in the road right-of-way. Generally these main lines are 10 inch diameter or larger. The sanitary sewer lateral for each home or business is installed and maintained in its entirety by the user as per the Charter Township of Harrison Code of Ordinances.

In the event of a sanitary sewer back up during regular business hours Monday thru Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., please call the Harrison Township Water and Sewer Department at (586)-466-1425. For after-hours calls please call our emergency line at (586)-468-4155 and a member of the Water and Sewer Department will respond as soon as possible to check the township sanitary main to determine if the problem is the responsibility of the township or the home/business owner. If it is determined that you need to call a drain cleaner to clean your drain line, always get more than one opinion and quote for the service being provided to you if time allows! If you are told your sanitary lateral has to be dug up to be repaired, follow the same rule and make sure that the contractor you choose contacts the Water and Sewer Department for all permits, licensing, insurance, and bond requirements. All excavated repairs must be inspected by the Water and Sewer Department.

Please Keep Fire Hydrants Clear Of Snow
If you are resident or business owner that has a fire hydrant located in the easement of your property, please remember to keep the fire hydrant visible and accessible for firefighters and water department employees. Please do not bury the fire hydrants when plowing or shoveling your snow. Obstruction of a fire hydrant is a direct violation of Harrison Township Ordinance Chapter 38. Sec.38-2.This ordinance will be strictly enforced. If a snow removal, company is contracted to plow and/or shovel your home or complex, please make them aware of this ordinance; as the property owner is responsible for the contractors they hire and will receive all assessed fines.

Fire hydrants must be accessible from 360 degrees around the hydrant as well as fully visible from both directions of vehicle traffic.

Mailing Address Change
When a property owner moves, but still owns the property in Harrison Township, it is important to change your mailing address, so that your water bills are delivered in a timely manner. Water bills do not forward to your new address. Penalties will not be waived due to late payments caused by failing to change your mailing address.

Be Aware, Ask for Identification
It has come to the attention of the Water and Sewer Department that Harrison Township residents are being contacted in person or by mail, (the letters look deceivingly like they came from the Harrison Township Water and Sewer Department.) regarding the purchase of water and sewer service line insurance. PLEASE BE AWARE, THESE INDIVIDUALS ARE NOT REPRESENTING HARRISON TOWNSHIP. RESIDENTS ARE NOT REQUIRED, BY ANY LAW OR ORDINANCE TO CARRY SUCH COVERAGE. Harrison Township does not endorse any company selling service line insurance. There are legitimate companies that sell this type of coverage; it is an individual’s right to purchase this coverage if so desired, but HARRISON TOWNSHIP DOES NOT REQUIRE IT!
All Harrison Township Employees drive vehicles clearly marked with department identifying logos permanently fixed to the vehicle. Please request identification before allowing anyone into your home or business. If you still have questions after viewing the employee identification, please call the Harrison Township Water and Sewer Department at 586-466-1425 or 586-466-1426 and verify the identification and employment of said individual

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