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Municipal Employment



Seeking a highly motivated individual to assist with the maintenance of Township buildings and parks. Duties include but not limited to; cleaning of facilities, opening/closing of Township parks, watering of Township gardens and monitoring/repairing of building assets.

15-30 hours per week at a rate of $12.00 per hour

General Statement of Duties: Performs physical inspections of all new construction from foundation to final completion of projects for compliance with Township codes and ordinances. Investigates complaints or violations and takes steps to bring violations within standards; Performs applicable job duties as designated in the job descriptions of the Building Inspector, Electrical Inspector, Mechanical Inspector and Plumbing Inspector.

Supervision Received: Work is performed within established departmental guidelines under the supervision of the Department Head or designee.

Examples of Duties: The following are typical examples, but not limited to, types of work assignments for the position.

This Position incorporates the applicable job duties in their entirety under the following classifications and/or State Certifications:
Building Inspector
Electrical Inspector
Mechanical Inspector
Plumbing Inspector
Plan Reviewer

Minimum Entrance Requirements: High school diploma or equivalent.

Necessary Special Qualifications:
• Must secure and maintain dual/multi licenses and Inspector's Registration Certificates
from the Michigan Department of Labor (i.e. Building/Electrical Inspector;
Plumbing/Mechanical Inspector; etc.).
• Possession of a valid Michigan Drivers License.

Starting salary $52,488.56 with benefits 

Seeking a highly motivated individual to assist and groom municipal gardens and township parks.  Potential candidates may include a high school and or/ college students studying horticulture, as well as adults with landscaping and gardening experience or education.

10-20 hours per week at a rate of $10.00-$15.00 per hour

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