Agenda & Board Packet


Apr 24, 2017

Regular Board Meeting on Monday, April 24

Board Forum starts at 6:30pm and with the Board Meeting starting promptly at 7:00pm.

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Full Board Packet

Approval of the Regular Agenda:
Supervisor/Board Announcements

Beachwood Storm Sewer Pump Station and Tributary Storm Drain Special Assessment District
1) Public Hearing No.1
2) Adoption of Resolution No.3
3) Adoption of Resolution No.4

C. Fire Department
1) Approval to hire two entry level firefighters
2) Approval to sell any unneeded SCUBA equipment
3) Approval to purchase eight Mustang Water Rescue Dry Suit ensembles from Michigan Rescue Concepts in the amount of
4) Approval to purchase an interface between New World/Tyler Technologies and ESO Solutions in the amount of $8,405.16

D. Approval to purchase three vehicles for Water and Sewer and two vehicles for the Building Department

E. Appointments
1) Two appOintments to the Environmental Committee, each for a three year term to expire April 24, 2020

F. Supervisor's Office
1) Approval of a boat dock at 35788 Stoerkel Street
2) Approval to contract with Landscape Services Inc. for noxious weed cutting services for 2017
3) Approval to advertise and interview for a full time position of Plumbing and Mechanical Inspector
4) Adopt Resolution approving and adopting the Charter Township of Harrison 401(a) Retirement Plan
5) Approval to terminate our agreement for planning services with Community Planning Management and execute a
new agreement for planning services with Wade Trim at the same cost as the previous contract
6) Resolution Honoring Terri Landis

G. Public/Board comments

H. Adjournment
Next Regular Board Meeting - Monday, May 8, 2017

Adam Wit, CMC, CMMC, Clerk
Margaret Lucido, Deputy Clerk

Individuals with disabilities or impairments who plan to attend this meeting should contact the Township Clerk’S Office at (586) 466-1406 or email if auxiliary aids or services are needed.