Sandbags for high water levels

The township has purchased sandbags and is offering them to residents for free.
 If you are in need of these sandbags to help mitigate damage done by the high water levels, you can visit the administration or engineering building at 
38151 L'Anse Creuse

Other pick up points:

Trustee Larry Tomenello (on Lakeshore) email at

Fire Station 1 : 27061 Crocker
Fire Station 2: 39460 Jefferson Ave

Sand dump locations to fill bags:

  • 30360 South River Road
  • Corner of N. River and Bridgeview
  • Across from 32158 Riverdale
  • Across from 37980 Jefferson
  • Park between Archer, Powers, and Pardee

Army Core of Engineers info on filling and placing sandbags can be found here.

If you are in need of volunteers to fill and place sandbags, you can call the Supervisors office. Depending on quickly and how many sandbags need to be placed there may be volunteers ready to help.

The following companies have offered to fill and place sandbags at the following prices:

Rolling Hills Landscaping: $35/ hour

Excell Landscaping $60/hour (two laborers)