Burning in Harrison Township

In accordance with the 2015 edition of the International Fire Code burning in the Township shall be as follows:

IFC 307.1 as amended- " General- No person shall cause or permit any open burning of fuel, garbage or other combustible refuse or waste material, including by anyway of description but not by way of limitation, leaves, grass, brush, lake weeds and tree clippings"

IFC 307.4.1 as amended- " A bonfire shall not be conducted within 50 feet of a structure or combustible material unless contained in a barbecue pit.  A bonfire permit is required to be obtained prior to burning material at a bonfire. Fuel for a bonfire shall consist of only seasoned dry firewood. The pile shall be no greater than 6 feet in diameter and 4 feet high. The Fire Code Official is authorized to order the extinguishment of the bonfire in the event it produces noxious smoke and or become a hazardous situation."

IFC 307.4.2 as amended- " Recreational fires shall not be conducted within 25 feet of a structure or combustible material. Recreational fires shall be no larger than 3 feet diameter by 2 feet high. If the recreational fire produces noxious, nuisance smoke or becomes a hazardous situation, the Fire Code Official is authorized to order the extinguishment."

All of the fires listed above require monitoring and attended by an adult at all times. An extinguishment source is required to be present at all time the burning is taking place. Only clean, seasoned dry fire wood is permitted to be used for any form of approved burning in Harrison Township. If you have questions at all please feel free to contact my office at 586-466-1450

Lawrence Shackett
Fire Marshal